Emotional Intelligence Management: Key tool for success


  • Suman Sharma PhD Scholar, Department of Management, MDU, Rohtak




emotional intelligence, economy, success


The responsibilities that workers of Indian banks are tasked with doing have gotten increasingly difficult in this period of competitiveness, instability, and dynamism in the environment. This is also owing to the fact that with the opening up of the economy through globalisation, liberalisation, and privatisation as well as the natural drift towards information technology, the difficulties get amplified when one is required to function in a varied working environment. In order for businesses to successfully satisfy their clients, they want employees who are not only knowledgeable in their respective fields but also possess the emotional and social skills necessary to do so. Interventions in emotional intelligence are being implemented in part as a reaction to the challenges that workers in the business sector are facing in the modern day. The competencies associated with emotional intelligence can make a contribution to the development of these talents and skills that are related with this new line of goal or aim. The purpose of this study is to evaluate and contrast the levels of emotional intelligence possessed by managers in private and public sector banks, as well as the influence that this trait has on employees' levels of commitment to their organisations. The study was also helpful in determining the connection between emotional intelligence and the climate of a company.


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